Emotion Coaching – The Heart of Parenting

Written by Drs John & Julie Gottman
Facilitated by Dr Gavin Brown

Every parent wants to provide their child with skills that set them up for positive social and emotional development throughout childhood and beyond. The Emotion Coaching program seeks to help parents in this task by empowering them to:

Understand the importance of emotional intelligence

Learn how to recognise, respond to, and validate their child’s emotion

Use the 5 steps of Emotion Coaching

Become skilled at expressing empathy and understanding

Learn how to set limits and problem solve with their children.

The Emotion Coaching program consists of video teaching by Dr John Gottman, group facilitation by Dr Gavin Brown and Ms Annabel Bateman as well as individual exercises and group discussions. The cost of the program includes:

5 sessions of 90 minutes with teaching and exercises on how to be an emotion coach

A 115 page handbook featuring information & further exercises.

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The total cost to parents for attending the course is $90 each or $150 per couple. For details of our next available course please email or call us.

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