Educational Psychology

Cognitive & Educational Assessments

Rapha Health is able to provide assessments of cognitive and learning strengths and weaknesses for children and adolescents. The assessment includes the use of psychometric tests such as intelligence tests as well as educational assessment and clinical observations. Information supplied by the child’s parents, school and teachers also form an important part of the assessment.

A cognitive assessment aims to support students and schools in developing individual programs to meet the needs arising from:

  • Specific Learning Disabilities (including Dyslexia)
  • Attention and concentration difficulties
  •  Differing intellectual abilities
  •  Giftedness

Assessments can be conducted either at one of the Rapha Health clinics or at the child’s school (if appropriate). The assessment of the child normally takes up to 3 hours in one session or can be conducted over multiple sessions. Assessment findings and recommendations are comprehensively explained in a report which will be provided within 10 working days of the assessment.

For more information on the assessment process, costs and bookings please contact Rapha Health.

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