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Allied Health Services For Every Season Of Life – Psychology, Speech Therapy, Couples Therapy

Rapha Health provides caring, professional services in the areas of psychology, speech pathology, educational psychology and relationship and parenting education. Our highly-trained therapists and facilitators use evidence-based therapies and a supportive, professional approach to assist you in a respectful and non-judgemental way.

We believe that seeking help is a sign of strength and the ability to ask for help often separates those who will continue to grow and those who will continue to struggle. Your Rapha Health therapist in Springfield Central, Brookwater and Ipswich-wide is committed to helping you treat and manage your current difficulties with collaboration, trust, respect and confidentiality.

Our principal psychologist Dr. Gavin Brown and his dedicated team work with adults and adolescents across a range of specialist areas. Our practice is located in the western suburbs of Brisbane (servicing Springfield, Forest Lakes and Centenary suburbs) with some outreach services available on the Gold Coast.

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Sometimes we need others to help us begin growing again

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We provide psychological therapy to adults and adolescents and can work with a range of mental health issues including Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence…

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Our approach is based on extensive research by experts in the field. The therapy involves an assessment and intervention phase to assist in accurately identifying specific issues…

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Our Speech Pathologist helps adults and children with speech and/or language difficulties such as Speech Sound Production, Late Talkers, Shuttering, Literacy….

Our Services

At Rapha Health, we deliver a range of tailored psychological services built on thorough assessment and clear goals that can be achieved within a realistic timeframe. We work with you to define your objectives and ensure your success, allowing you to go on to live a fulfilled, healthy life.

These services include:

Individual Counselling

Mental health issues are one of the most prevalent illnesses in Australia, currently affecting 1 in 5 people every year. Our psychologists in Springfield Central and Brookwater are available to work with you to treat and manage a variety of conditions to help you not only cope better with daily life, but also make a positive and lasting change to your mindset and lifestyle.

We offer individual counselling to treat mental health issues such as:

          • Anxiety: Anxiety disorders include generalised anxiety, specific and social phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
          • Addiction: If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, other substances, gambling, sexual activity or spending, we can help you break your addictive behaviour and get unhealthy habits under control.
          • Depression: Depression is a very complex condition which should not be tackled on your own. It can be caused by a number of factors, including environmental, biological or genetic factors, as well as some existing medical conditions or history.
          • Relationship Issues: We can help and guide you through challenging times in your relationship such as a breakdown of communication, unresolved conflict, sexual difficulties and many others. Targeted couples counselling is also available.
          • Anger Management: Learning how to manage uncontrolled and unresolved anger is vital to preventing its drastic and damaging impacts on your relationships, emotional health and physical wellbeing.
          • Eating Disorders: Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating related conditions such as weight and body image problems, and binge eating.
          • Stress: Our effective stress management counselling can help you develop strategies and techniques to cope with stress and stressful situations in your life, as well as improve your ability to handle pressure when you are faced with it.
          • Trauma: Psychological trauma and PTSD counselling is available to help you overcome a traumatic experience or incident, manage your anxiety and traumatic response, and go on to live a healthy and positive life.

By using only proven, evidence-based therapies tailored to you and your condition, we have successfully given people of all ages the tools they need to manage and move on from a debilitating mental health issue. We use a range of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy to address your concerns and build new, healthy mindsets.

Couples Counselling

Every intimate relationship has its ups and downs, and it’s important to know how to overcome the hurdles before they develop into deeper, more complex problems. Your Rapha Health psychologist in Springfield Central will work with you as a couple to identify the underlying issues, target them with effective treatments and ultimately build stronger, more supportive relationships with the one you love.

Our couples therapy includes:

          • Pre-Marriage Preparation: Before you take the plunge, make sure your relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust, respect and mutual understanding. The PREPARE/ENRICH program will help you build relationship skills that will take you all the way through to a healthy, lasting marriage.
          • Couples Counselling: Occasional struggles and difficulties are inevitable no matter what stage of your relationship you are in. But if ongoing communication problems, conflict or other issues are making it hard for you to maintain a healthy relationship, targeted couples counselling can make it possible for you to improve your relationship and achieve your shared goals.
          • Intensive Therapy Retreats: We also offer private intensive therapy retreats over 2-3 day periods. This highly targeted approach allows couples to work closely with an experienced clinical psychologist in a beautiful location away from home, providing up to 12 hours of extensive focused therapy to help you identify your issues and learn how to resolve them together.

Couples therapy involves relationship assessment and skills-building through Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy to give you a deeper understanding of your relationship and your shared vision for each other. Through effective communication and conflict management, you will learn how to better connect and appreciate your journey together – its ups and downs alike.

Speech Pathology

If your child is having communication difficulties with speech, language, literacy or social skills, speech therapy can help them get their confidence back and enjoy learning. Our Springfield Central speech pathology services are carefully designed for children who are experiencing the following difficulties:

          • Speech sound production
          • Delayed language
          • Stuttering
          • Social language
          • Social interaction
          • And more

Working with children from 1 year old and above, our speech treatment programs are tailored to their individual obstacles to provide responsive services and positive outcomes. For more information, please give us a call on (07) 3485 0800.

Training and Education Courses

Rapha Health also delivers training courses, coaching and education programs throughout the year on a variety of parenting and relationship development skills. For details of our next available course, please call us or send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an appointment with a psychologist involve?

At Rapha Health, we assess each person on an individual basis to provide a personalised treatment plan that achieves your objectives. No two people or conditions are alike, so in each case we carefully evaluate your unique situation to set clear and realistic goals to move forward.

At your first appointment with your psychologist, you can expect to build the foundation for a mutually respectful, trusting and understanding relationship. We are happy to offer a free 30-minute introductory consultation either face-to-face or over the phone, so you can get to know your psychologist and determine if our service is the right fit for you.

Are you properly qualified?

Yes. We take great pride in our team of professionally qualified psychologists and their dedication to their respective fields. You can learn more about our friendly and experienced team here.

Do you keep my information private?

Rapha Health respects your privacy, and we will always protect it in accordance with Australian confidentiality laws and our ethics code.

How much does it cost?

Our psychology services are available both privately and through a referral. The current cost is $185 per session, and we happily offer Medicare rebates and bulk billing to eligible clients. Speech pathology services may offer rebates through your private health insurance provider.

You can find more information on our Fees and Rebates page, or get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation.

We are committed to making quality psychological services available and accessible to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances, so if you are experiencing financial difficulties we invite you to contact us to make alternative fee arrangements.

Where are you located?

Rapha Health is available for psychologist and speech pathologist appointments in Springfield Central and Brookwater, servicing clients throughout Ipswich and Centenary suburbs.

Begin Growing Again with Our Help

Sometimes we need others to help us get back on track. At Rapha Health, your caring and professional psychologist Springfield Central, Brookwater and Ipswich-wide is dedicated to helping you grow and overcome the unique difficulties you’re facing in your life. You don’t have to do it alone.

Contact us today on (07) 3485 0800 – we’re here to help!

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